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Yard Feeder® helps keep lawns and landscapes looking healthy and strong with minimal effort. Consider Yard Feeder for your landscape situation if you:

  • own or care for a residential yard maintained with an automatic irrigation system
  • are responsible for a homeowner associations or neighborhood common areas
  • maintain landscaping around commercial or retail buildings
  • install irrigation systems, or supply those who do
  • operate a nursery or supply plants to homeowners or landscapers

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Yard Feeder Tank Kit

The Yard Feeder System is suitable for most residential landscapes...


EnviroYard® 2.5 gallon

Environmentally responsible, all-purpose liquid plant food conditions the soil, fuels beneficial soil microorganisms and feeds your plants. EnviroYard in your irrigation water penetrates deeply into the root zone where it does the most good. For 5 gallons at a discount, click here
Note: Not available in AK, FL, MD, ME, MN, NH, NJ, NY, VA, WA, WI


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