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Frequently Asked Questions about Yard Feeder

What is Yard Feeder?

Yard Feeder® Automatic Fertilization fertilizes through a drip or sprinkler irrigation system, a process called ‘fertigation’ that simplifies yard and property maintenance.

What is fertigation?

Fertigation adds fertilizer to your irrigation water. As water works its way down to the roots, it carries fertilizer with it. A highly efficient and targeted process with very little waste, fertigation is good for both plants and the environment.

How does fertigation compare to traditional fertilizing methods?

Long used on farms and nurseries, fertigation is gaining popularity among homeowners for its ease and efficiency. Think of it as an automatic spreader eliminating the time and effort of walking the yard, avoiding the hit or miss of a sprayer or spreader, and eliminating granules that track indoors to stain floors and carpets.

Is there a best time to connect a Yard Feeder?

Yard Feeder can be added in any season and becomes an integral part of your drip or sprinkler irrigation system.

How do you install it?

Yard Feeder is easy to install with clear instructions and color-coded connections, but we recommend professional installation to ensure all local plumbing codes are followed.

When does it run? How do you turn it on and off?

There’s no need to turn it on or off. By becoming part of your system, Yard Feeder goes to work when your drip or sprinkler irrigation system turns on.

How often do I need to fill it up?

We suggest refilling Yard Feeder every 2-3 months during the growing season depending on the length of the season, fertilizer used, and specific plant needs. Consult your local landscape or nursery professional for guidance on local conditions.

How do you refill Yard Feeder?

Refilling is simple and only takes a minute or two. Clear, simple instructions are right on the tank. If you can pour milk in a glass, you can refill Yard Feeder.

How do I know how much fertilizer (or other product) I’m feeding?

The flow inducer adds ½ oz. (1 tbsp.) of tank contents to each gallon of irrigation flow. Tank contents are fully dispensed in a few cycles, applying all the fertilizer to your landscape in a short time period without overfeeding or burning.

What’s a flow inducer?

The flow inducer, inserted into your irrigation line, carefully adds tank contents to the irrigation water without impellers, gears, electricity or pumps to wear or break. It’s effective with most liquid products, even those that tend to settle.

What should I put in my Yard Feeder?

We recommend EnviroYard® all-purpose plant food, specially formulated to work with the environment, but any liquid or water soluble product can work.

Does Yard Feeder work with fertilizers that have carbon or organic material that settles?

Yard Feeder is specifically designed to handle products that can separate or settle. It agitates and mixes tank contents when irrigation flow is more than 1 gallon per minute to ensure tank contents are fully dispensed.

Can Yard Feeder be used for products other than fertilizer?

Yard Feeder can be used to dispense any non-petroleum based liquid product: insecticides, rodent or critter control, etc.

Can fertilizer be added directly to the Yard Feeder?

Liquid fertilizers should be poured directly into the Yard Feeder. Water soluble fertilizers should be fully dissolved before adding to Yard Feeder to reduce the risk of undissolved particles clogging the system.

What might break down on a Yard Feeder?

There is almost nothing to break down. Yard Feeder has no gears, levers, impellers, or pumps to clog, jam, crack or wear.

What are Yard Feeder electrical requirements?

None; electricity is not used.

What are Yard Feeder mechanical requirements?

Yard Feeder dispenses product at an extremely low 1 gallon/hour flow rate, and agitates product at 1 gallon/minute flow. These low flow requirements make Yard Feeder ideal for drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.

Does Yard Feeder fit all size irrigation systems?

Yard Feeder is designed for most standard ¾” or 1” irrigation systems. The Owner’s Manual includes instructions for installing in larger lines.

What if a valve, gauge, or other part is damaged?

With very few moving parts to wear or break down, Yard Feeder is highly reliable. However, if something does break, Yard Feeder uses easy-to-replace parts and is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Are clogs a concern?

Clogs are generally not a problem unless water soluble product is added before it is completely dissolved. The Owner’s Manual includes simple instructions to clear a clog.

How do I know Yard Feeder is right for my size property?

The 2-gallon Yard Feeder is appropriate for most residential and similar size properties, but larger Yard Feeder sizes are available if needed. Contact us or your landscape professional for details.

What do I need to install my Yard Feeder?

To install Yard Feeder, you need a shovel (if installed below ground level), PVC cutting tool, primer and cement, and a jumbo valve box or other cover to protect from direct sunlight.


Yard Feeder Tank Kit

The Yard Feeder System is suitable for most residential landscapes...


EnviroYard® 2.5 gallon

Environmentally responsible, all-purpose liquid plant food conditions the soil, fuels beneficial soil microorganisms and feeds your plants. EnviroYard in your irrigation water penetrates deeply into the root zone where it does the most good. For 5 gallons at a discount, click here
Note: Not available in AK, FL, MD, ME, MN, NH, NJ, NY, VA, WA, WI


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