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Add Yard Feeder to your Product Lineup


Anyone who protects a landscaping investment with an irrigation system is a prime candidate for Yard Feeder. Fertilizing while irrigating makes so much sense that homeowners and facilities managers quickly understand the merits, increasing the likelihood of referral sales to friends and neighbors. The simple logic also simplifies sales training, especially when benefits are compared with conventional fertilization:

  • It’s Easy: When the irrigation systems turns on, Yard Feeder goes to work.
  • It’s Effective: Irrigation water carries fertilizer directly into the root zone.
  • It’s Efficient: Fertilizer quantity is reduced; it’s not spread where it’s not needed.
  • It’s Ecological: No granules left on the surface to wash away or track into the home, staining floors and carpets.

Yard Feeder and EnviroYard are an excellent combination for customers, clients, and guests. If you are interested in carrying, supplying or otherwise reselling Yard Feeder or EnviroYard as part of your business plan let us know. We will contact you and answer your questions before any commitment is necessary.

For more information on becoming a possible dealer or reseller of Yard Feeder and EnviroYard, and for all questions regarding costs, credit terms, promotional programs, incentives, or just simply ideas for product positioning, please submit the following information:


Yard Feeder Tank Kit

The Yard Feeder System is suitable for most residential landscapes...


EnviroYard® 2.5 gallon

Environmentally responsible, all-purpose liquid plant food conditions the soil, fuels beneficial soil microorganisms and feeds your plants. EnviroYard in your irrigation water penetrates deeply into the root zone where it does the most good. For 5 gallons at a discount, click here
Note: Not available in AK, FL, MD, ME, MN, NH, NJ, NY, VA, WA, WI


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